What Are The Different Types of Cotton Fabric?

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Whenever you are going to the market to purchase some fabrics, either for dressmaking or for using as bedsheets, you wonder every time that what are the questions that should be kept in mind before finalising a purchase.

There are different types of fabrics available in the market, and one of them is cotton. Cotton is arguably the most popular of these fabrics, mostly used in bedsheets and clothing as well. While purchasing cotton fabrics, you' ll have to take a few of the questions into consideration, and Some of the points to consider are given here below.

Quality of Fabric

The most important of all the things to consider is the quality of the cotton fabric. You need to have the assessment skill to check if the cotton is pure or mixed. You can check the quality of cotton by touching the fabric. Either if it is a printed cotton fabric or soft cotton fabric, it should give a soft feel to the hands.

Every cotton fabric for sale has a density. You need to check the density of the fabric. Hold it up straight in the line of light. It should not be transparent. If fabric allows little light to pass through it, it may not last for a longer time.

Colour Quality

Cotton has this ability to hold the colour in itself in the purest form. You need to check the colour quality of the cotton fabric. It should not have any spots or streaks. Sometimes cotton fabric wholesale dealers try to hide any spot or streak by dyeing the fabric. So, in that case, you will need to look for uneven dying as well closely.

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You need to understand the reason of purchasing cotton. Cotton won' t give a nice impression on any item. If you want it for a party dress, look for something else! Every fabric has its style, and it suits on particular items. So, choose the fabric carefully after assessing your requirement. A point that I need to add here is that cotton flannel fabric is a type of cotton, but it seems more like woollen fabric, so you need to keep this in the notice before purchasing a cotton flannel fabric.


Every fabric that you will purchase will shrink after you wash it. Although the percentage of shrinkage can be different for every fabric. But it is a guarantee that cotton shrinks when you will wash it at home. So, in this situation, I would like to suggest you that please purchase a little bit of extra cotton. Maybe 10 or 20 per cent so it can adjust after shrinking.

The pattern of the fabric

Cotton these days comes with a different pattern on itself. Companies try to imprint different textures or styles on the fabric to increase its sale. However, the local fabric maker can' t properly copy the brand' s original printing. You need to take a look at the pattern of the fabric to ensure that it gives you a smooth and similar look on the whole product.

Weight of the fabric

When it comes to fabrics, especially cotton, the weight of the fabric matters the most. You can note it down that cotton fabric has noticeable higher and denser weight than other clothing fabrics due to its quality and characteristic.


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