What are Different Types of Cotton Fabric

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In the market, there is a different type of cotton fabric for sale, and each type has its use. I have recently found that there are more than 90 types of cotton fabric in the market. You can use these different kinds of cotton in your household items, clothing, decoration, etc. I want to mention a few of the many types of cotton fabric here below for your information.

Cotton Poplin

One of the prevalent types of cotton is cotton poplin. It is a thick woollen type of fabric that gives an intense classic look. In the early days, this fabric was used in usual attire. But now they are used in daily household items. Cotton poplin is a soft, lustrous material with a robust and durable nature. These days it is made up of pure cotton which makes it comparatively lighter, but it still holds its strength. The advantages of cotton poplin are that it is durable and robust, lightweight, versatile, soft, lustrous, water resistant and is very easy to be print.

Cotton Twill

Cotton twill is a more massive type of cotton fabric having a diagonal parallel rib texture. This texture is made by passing one weft thread over one warp thread and then by passing the weft thread under the warp thread. Cotton twill is mostly used in clothing items and home accessories.

Cotton Flannel

Cotton flannel fabric is a soft woven fabric having a specific fineness. Cotton flannel fabric is made by using cotton and synthetic fibres. They are very popular and widely known for softness, affordability and warmness. This fabric is mostly used in home accessories, and flannel curtains and bedsheets are trendy and are commonly used in different parts of the world. Sometimes, these days, this fabric of cotton is also used in clothing, especially in shirts.

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Cotton fabric wholesale distributors do have another type of cotton that can be found in different markets, and its name is chenille. Chenille is a fuzzy cotton yarn which has pile protruding around itself. This type of material can be found in the heavyweight category and the lightweight category. The heavyweight type of the material is used widely in upholstery, and the lighter version is used in robes and bedsheets.


Denim is a sturdy type of warp-faced textile cotton made by following the particular textured format in factories. The fabric is found in indigo blue colour but also can white, tan, black and red colours. Denim fabric is widely popular in youth these days and has extensive use in jeans. Denim can also be used in curtains and bedsheets.


Jacquard is a type of cotton fabric having a woven pattern. The pattern is not embedded on the fabric but is woven into it, creating a distinct feel, texture and colour. The fabric is woven on a jacquard loom that gives figured weaves on the fabric. Jacquard fabric is widely used in decorative materials.

Although there are other multiple types of cotton fabric in the market which you can use for different purposes, I have mentioned the most popular ones here so it can give you a better understanding.


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