Relevant introduction of rayon fabric

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Rayon fabric is abbreviated as rayon fabric or rayon. The component is viscose, but rayon is the filament structure of viscose fiber. The characteristics and benefits of rayon fabric are that it is bright and beautiful, has a silky texture, and has good air permeability. Moisture wicking, eco-friendly and safe, rayon fabrics are high quality green textiles, and SHAZHOU TEXTILE is vigorously developing and supplying it all year round.


Rayon has three meanings

One refers to the rayon fiber, which is the basic state after the viscose solution is sprayed, but it cannot be used directly to make rayon fabrics.


The second refers to the fiber bundle made of rayon, which is formed by combining many rayon fibers. The fibers can be directly connected in parallel or can be twisted to synthesize fiber bundles. After sizing, they can be used for weaving. Up.

 Rayon Fabric

The third refers to rayon fabrics, which can be dyed, printed or even yarn-dyed, and then used to make clothing. The distinctive feature of rayon fabrics is the smooth and bright silk texture, which is more suitable for the warm, lively and energetic style.


Rayon can not only be directly made into pure rayon fabrics, but also can be interwoven with other yarns, such as rayon rayon rich crepe, rayon cupro fabric, rayon nylon interwoven stretch fabric, etc., which can be said to be rich and diverse. Loved by fashionable fashion brands.


Therefore, rayon fabrics can be subdivided into many categories, including stretch products, with a wide range of applicability and a very large market capacity.


The advantages of rayon

1. Wear-resistant, rayon is a medium-to-heavy fiber with high strength, so it is very wear-resistant.

2. Moisture-proof, rayon has strong hydrophilicity, and the moisture regain rate is 11%, so there is no need to worry about moisture.

3. It can be dry cleaned or washed with water, which is more convenient.

4. Anti-static, no ball.

5. The price is not expensive, and most people can consume it.


Rayon use

1. All kinds of ready-to-wear fabrics, such as women's tops, shirts, underwear and jackets, etc.

2. Rayon fabrics are also used in various medical and sanitary products.


Recognition of rayon

The rayon has a bright luster, slightly rough hand, and has a clammy feel. It is tightly gripped and released. There are many wrinkles. There are still traces after being flattened. Pull out the cloth and rub it with the tongue. The rayon is easy to straighten. Broken and broken.

 Rayon Fabric

The elasticity is different when wet and dry. The silk has a soft luster, soft touch and fine texture. It can produce a special sound when rubbing with each other, commonly known as "silk ming" or "silk ming". It is tightened by hand and then released. The wrinkles are few and not obvious. The silk is dry and wet elastic. Unanimous. Polyester yarn has strong reflectivity, high rigidity, rapid rebound, firmness, good anti-wrinkle performance, strong and strong, not easy to break.


Rayon washing and maintenance

1. It is best to dry clean during washing, which can maximize the service life of rayon fabrics.

2. High-quality rayon fabric can be washed with water, but it must be hand-washed and not twisted, because the rayon fabric is easy to tear when it is wet.

3. Do not expose to the sun, it is best to dry in a cool and ventilated place.


The characteristics and benefits of rayon fabric can be summarized as bright and beautiful color, outstanding silk texture, smooth and cool, skin-friendly, breathable and sweat wicking, and light, ecological and safe. Therefore, the basic functions of rayon fabric are very suitable for spring and summer fashion.


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