Cotton Twill Fabric

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Cotton fabric is a well-known fabric for all cultures in the world, but cotton twill fabric is created through a slightly different technique than the usual cotton fabric. It is known for its diagonal pattern significance.

Cotton Twill Fabric

How cotton twill fabric is made?

It is made with organic cotton fiber, which is not you can say about so many other fabrics in the market these days. Cotton twill fabric takes on its significant pattern when weft yarn is wrapped around in diagonal shape to create a round pattern. It is different because it is weaved differently. Usually, thecotton twill fabric is heavier than the normal cotton fabric yarn because it is structured thickly and structurally. Normally it is woven in a series of parallel diagonal ribs in an ongoing design. This weaving can be very noticeable if you have the right eye for cloth’s texture.  Now the center may have close layers of cotton fabric but as we go far from the center, the layers get lose and create a structural diagonal form. As long as there are twills and weaving is like that, it is called and known as the cotton twill fabric despite having a slightly different structure. 

Where do people use cotton twill fabric?

Since cotton twill fabric is so recognized in every culture especially in British culture, this particular fabric is used in making professional designer attire and gorgeous hats. All items that are made from this stuff are comfortable in wearing, softer to the skin, and reasonably priced.

One of the biggest uses of cotton twill fabric is that it is used to make denim jeans. We love denim jean because it is comfy, soft, easy to wear, and there are no issues if it will get wrinkles.

Not only it is used to make denim and clothes, but it is also used in many home textiles like curtains, bedsheets, cushions, rugs, and much more stuff like that.

Benefits of cotton twill fabric

Being the heavy and more structural fabric means, it will be durable for a longer period and it will be less wrinkly as opposed to plain cotton fabric. The clothes made from this fabric are breathable, soft, and durable. So, whenever you go for cloth shopping be sure to get this one to include in your closet. This cotton twill fabric also prevents your dress to be stained. 

Modern approach for using polyester

Although cotton twill fabric manufacture is done from cotton but in the modern market, cotton twill fabric manufacturers like Whaley’s Bradford Ltd UK have been using synthetic polyester yarn which looks quite similar to cotton duck, but it doesn’t have a diagonal pattern like the original cotton twill fabric. 



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