Buying Cotton Twill Fabric Wholesale

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Thecotton twill fabric is better recognized because the interlaced points of the warp and weft of the twill fabric form a certain angle of the twill line structure on the surface of the fabric. Its characteristics are that there are positive and negative points, fewer interlacing points, longer floating lines, softer feel, higher density, thicker products, stronger stereoscopic structure.

cotton twill

Cotton twill fabric: warp and weft yarns have a distinct slope, not 90 degrees interlacing angle, every two interweaving. It adopts the method of adding the warp weft tissue points, changing the diagonal direction of the weave, the flying number or both. Change a variety of twill changes in tissue. Its characteristics: there are positive and negative points, less interlacing points, longer floating lines, soft touch, comfort and softness. Compared with plain weave, when the density of the yarn is the same, the hand feel and comfort are better than plain weave, but the tear strength is not as good as plain weave. Cotton twill fabrics are available at a higher price than plain fabrics. In addition, its products are thicker and have a strong three-dimensional structure. Its counts range from 30S to 40S. The fabrics are high-grade, with sanding, satin and jacquard.

How to choose twill cotton fabrics while buying them wholesale?

1. Hand touch

Generally, we go to the mall to select cotton fabric. It can be distinguished by hand touch, feel its texture, the quilt cover that has been washed by the pulp, feels a little hard to touch; thecotton twill fabric has strong water absorption, if the palm has sweat to touch the cotton quilt cover It will feel that the moisture seems to be sucked away. This is the higher the cotton content. If it feels smoother, it is generally added with chemical fiber components, this is not pure cotton.


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