Cotton Fabric That Keeps You Comfortable During Summer

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Summer is one of the warmest times of the year and staying cool is important for several reasons, including fashion, health and comfort.

The best way to stay cool during this season is by using and or refreshing fabrics that allow us to spend most of the time, with a cool, breathable and comfortable body.

There are many fabrics for the design of these garments, but the best known is Cotton fabric, whose derivative is obtained from the fibrous and round balls found in the plant that bears its name. The invention of the cotton clearing is due to Eli Whitney, who since 1973, reactivates the production of cotton cloth. Currently, it is one of the most popular fabrics and see them in the world.


Due to its porous consistency, cotton fabric allows the breathability of its fibers. The hollow in the center allows it to absorb perspiration and release it quickly.


Cotton commonly mixed with the best properties of other fibers for different uses and functions, SET and or further easily dyeing process, and variety of tissues including flannel fabric, the gauze, canvas, muslin, satin fabric of towel and velvet. Its natural origin has allowed it to be used for centuries at different times and is the most processed fiber in the world.


Linen is another of the natural fabrics derived from the plant that also bears his name, and because his plant requires a lot of care and attention during its growth, the lack of elasticity of its fiber makes its weaving difficult. It is believed that it comes from the same family of cotton, but it is older, finds have been found in dwellings in lakes in Switzerland dating back to 8ooo BC, but it was Greece who first used this fiber, to wrap their mummies in Ancient Egypt.

Linen is a stronger fabric than cotton and is a better conductor of heat, making it the most breathable fabric, easy to care for, durable and lighter.


Rayon fabric is made of natural cellulose, which is chemically processed to produce fibers.

Like linen and cotton, it is fresh and comfortable. Absorbs moisture, making it a great fabric for summer dresses.

The only drawback is that it is not so resistant and, therefore, should be cleaned dry instead of washed.

These fabrics are elaborated for the suits of the athletes, and their fibers have been manipulated to obtain results according to the needs of each sport or special activity for which it has been designed.

The Seersucker is another of the fine and light cotton fabrics, usually with striped design, which is used in men's tailoring to make masculine garments, mainly suits and jackets. This fabric has become one of the most popular for designing summer clothes.


This fabric is thin and highly breathable, comfortable and easy to wash, it is perfect for making designs for the hot season.

The term "Seersucker" is derived from the Persian word "Shir or Sheka", which means "milk and sugar".

This fabric is available in a wide assortment of colors ranging from light blue to darker, red, pink, yellow, green, lilac among others, always alternated with white stripes.


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