Cautions for Washing Cotton Fabrics

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Many people want to make their fabrics last longer. However, it is not an easy task at all. If you wish to make your clothing stay new for a more extended period, then you have to put a little effort. There are different types of fabrics which include cotton fabric, rayon fabric, and flannel fabric. Each fabric has to be handled with care. It is essential to focus on the cautions for washing these fabrics.


Cotton is no doubt one of the common fabric sources for the lingerie, towels, bed sheets, and clothes. Before you are going to wash a cotton fabric, you have to check the care label of the manufacturer. You will find instructions on this label. To prevent any shrinkage, you must wash the Cotton Fabric by hand. Well, it is difficult for many people. If you are one of those then no problem!

 We have guidelines for you as follows:

1. Sort Your Laundry

The first important thing is to sort your laundry. You have to wash clothes of the same shades together to stop the fabric dyes. The Cotton Fabric can shrink so you have to make use of cold water for washing instead of hot. Some people assume that cold water is not good for other fabrics. Well, it is not true! To preserve the shades and quality of heavy fabrics like jeans, you can go for a cold water setting.

2. PreTreat The Stains Each Time

Spun-rayon-fabric-ShazhouWhenever possible, you have to pre-treat the stains. When a stain occurs on the cotton fabric, then treat it at once. You have to wash the stains with plain water. You can also make use of club soda to remove the stains. If the stain has dried out, then pretreat with the solvent of stain remover, detergent, and water. The chlorine bleach can damage the cotton or flannel fabric so choose oxygenated bleach instead to pre-treat the stains.

3. Choose Temperature Wisely

The hot water can shrink the cotton fabrics, but it is important to wash the sheets and towels in hot water. Otherwise, harmful germs and bacteria do not go away. So, you have to choose different water for different types of cotton fabrics.

4. Choose Suitable Detergent

The typical laundry detergent is not suitable for all types of fabrics. However, they are pretty good for cotton fabrics. Whether you want to wash the lingerie, sweaters, or other delicate clothes, you do not have to use a particular detergent.

5. Let It Dry Carefully

Dryer heat can shrink the cotton fabric but not the sheets and towels. You have to wipe out the excess of water from the clothes by folding them with hand. After that, you have to place them in sunlight to dry. Sunlight can dry the cotton fabrics of all types in the best way. However, when the clothes dry up then take them out from the sunlight immediately. In this manner, you can prevent wrinkles. If ironing is important, you have to use a low heat setting to iron the cotton fabrics.


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