What Are The Breathable Sewing Fabrics?

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Choosing the fabric for your next sewing project depends not only on the design, but also on how suitable it is for the current weather condition.

When wool, blends and the tight shirt become unbearable in the heat of summer, what kind of fabric should we turn to?


Here are the best fabrics for your wardrobe, made to measure, for the hot season.

The main characteristics that you must take into account when choosing sewing fabrics for summer are lightweight and very breathable.

Hold the fabric with your hands, touch it: if it is breathable and light, it will be much more comfortable to wear. Anything that is excessively thick will probably make you sweat and feel uncomfortable with the heat.

And something even more important than thickness is to look for a fabric that breathes.

For this purpose, you will find fabrics made of fibers such as linen, cotton or even rayon (it is semi-synthetic but is made of natural fibers and breathes well).

A loose weave and thin threads will allow the garment fabric to be more breathable and will not retain moisture and let the air flow, something that will keep you cool.

Note also that color plays an important role in retaining heat. Light colors reflect light and heat. And, loose shapes keep the flow of air circulating around your body, more than tight clothing.

Therefore, look for models with great ease, long and light dresses, loose pants, A-shaped silhouettes...

Now, without adding anything else, here are the best fabrics for summer dresses!


The linen fabric for summer dresses ideal, lightweight, breathable comfortable, and with some texture which makes this sewing fabric quite interesting to the feel. When wet or damp, it also dries very fast.

The only drawback is its tendency to contract and wrinkle. Some linen fabrics are now woven with sufficient firmness so that wrinkles are more limited and barely visible.



While linen is king, cotton is the most popular.

You’d realize that this is the fabric that you use the most for your summer projects (or maybe for all your projects!). That is it. The cotton is available in different forms as seen in the flannel fabric. In addition, it is affordable and very convenient to carry.

Cotton also absorbs moisture very well and dries almost as fast as linen, keeping skin fresh. It is more resistant and can be machine washed without any problem.



Rayon fabric is made of natural cellulose, which is chemically processed to produce fibers.

Like linen and cotton, it is fresh and comfortable. Absorbs moisture, making it a great fabric for summer dresses.

The only drawback is that it is not so resistant and, therefore, should be cleaned dry instead of washed.


4. SILK:

What about silk? It is a natural fiber but like wool, it tends to retain heat and humidity.

By retaining more heat you will feel that you feel wet throughout the day, something very uncomfortable.


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