Necessary Knowledge About Cotton Fabric

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Clothing fabrics are one of the three elements of clothing. Fabrics can not only interpret the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly influence the performance of clothing colors and shapes. We briefly introduce the modeling characteristics of different material fabrics and their application in clothing design as follows.


The basic concept of clothing fabrics refers to "materials that reflect the main characteristics of clothing." What are the basic elements of these clothes?


Cotton fabric:

Cotton fabric refers to a fabric made of cotton yarn or cotton and cotton chemical fiber. It is a popular fabric with good breathability, good moisture absorption, comfortable wearing, and strong practicality. It can be divided into two categories of pure cotton and blended.



Hemp fabrics:

Pure hemp fabrics and blended fabrics woven from hemp fibers are collectively referred to as hemp fabrics. The common characteristics of hemp fabric are tough texture, rough and stiff, cool and comfortable, and good hygroscopicity. It is an ideal summer clothing fabric.


Silk fabrics:

It’s high-end varieties in textiles which mainly refers to fabrics made of mulberry silk, tussah silk, rayon, and synthetic fiber filaments. It has the advantages of thin, light, soft, smooth, elegant and comfortable.


Wool-type fabrics: 

Wool-type fabrics are made of wool, rabbit hair, camel hair, and wool-type chemical fibers as the main raw materials. Generally wool is the main fabric. It is a high-end clothing fabric throughout the year. Grinding, strong thermal insulation, comfortable and beautiful, pure color and other advantages, which are welcomed by consumers.


Purified fiber fabrics:

Chemical fiber fabrics are loved by people for their fastness, good elasticity, stiff, wear-resistant, washable, easy storage and storage. Chemical fiber can be processed into a certain length according to different needs, and woven into silk, cotton, hemp, elastic wool, medium-length wool and other fabrics according to different processes.

Rayon fabric:

Rayon is actually man-made fiber, which is silky and is composed of cellulose, which is an organic compound that constitutes the main component of plants. The natural polymer is used as a raw material, and the chemical fiber composition is basically the same as that of the original polymer through chemical methods. Printed rayon fabric wholesale is quite popular among customers. Derived from petroleum and biology, rayon derived from biology is called recycled fiber.


There are various rayon fabric manufacturers on the market and their manufacturing level are also different. While choosing manufacturers, customers have to take quality, cost, material and some other factors into consideration. 


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