Do You Know That Cotton Fabric Is Environmentally-Friendly?

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From the challenges posed by the increasing emissions of toxic gas into the atmosphere to the hazards posed by plastics on mother earth, the world is now in search of environmentally friendly options for better living.

Clothing is another basic need of man. There is much attention in the textile industry as the world leaders are on the lookout for ecologically friendly options to achieve the basic needs of man. Now, did you know that cotton fabric is environmentally friendly? Well, we’d be talking about cotton fabric in the rest of the article.


Cotton is the most used natural textile fiber in the world. Today, the cotton industry alone accounts for about half of the world consumption of textile fibers. Since the 19th century, and with the growth and advancements in the textile industry, cotton has become the first textile fiber in the world. It occurs as natural textile fiber such as wool, silk, and linen. Cotton fabric differs from synthetic fibers such as acrylic, polyester, and polyamide.

The cotton fabric has several properties that make its use so widespread: it absorbs moisture and expels body heat, dyes well, does not generate static electricity, is insulating and supports high temperatures. One of the main advantages of cotton lies in its maintenance.

The cotton fabric is natural and environmentally friendly

It is a totally natural element that does not contain chemical products. Its composition allows it to be highly breathable, thus allowing air circulation and preventing fungi from growing in dark or humid environments. Although the advances in synthetic fabrics are remarkable, ventilation cannot be equated with cotton. Again, cotton fabric presents an ideal way of challenging the mounting threat to our environment. It is a perfect option rather than the synthetic means which pose several hazards and contributes to global warming.

The cotton fabric is soft

It is a very soft fiber to the touch and very comfortable. In addition, it is hypoallergenic, so we know for sure that it will not irritate our skin or cause allergies. And it is that when they weave pieces of cotton, the fibers are rotated forcefully in the yarn so that they do not irritate the skin or cause static electricity. Hence, this material is the most recommended for garments that are in direct contact with your skin, such as underwear, shirts, and in this case, the clothes in your bed.

The cotton fabric is breathable

In fact, cotton fabric is the perfect component for our summer bedding, because if we sweat, it will easily absorb the moisture of our body and help keep us dry. And it also does not stick to our skin, which also allows it to evaporate in the air.


Cotton is also able to extract heat from your skin, so you can be cool and comfortable in your bed during those hot summer nights.


Cotton is strong and versatile

It is a very resistant fiber, able to overcome abrasion. In addition, you can wash it perfectly in the washing machine, since the cotton is able to withstand several washes in hot water. Although always have to follow the manufacturer's specifications, since at certain temperatures cotton garments can shrink.


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