Care And Advantages of Cotton Flannel Material

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If you have ever felt really cold and rushed to have a thick and silky material to cover up yourself, it is most likely that you were using a cotton flannel material to keep yourself warm.

Cotton flannel is the name given to a soft, medium-weight fabric made of cotton covered with a large number of tiny loose fibres on one or both sides. The fuzzy covering comes from brushing or from loosely spun weave. The surface of the flannel fabric is thus roughened so that it feels soft and woolly.

Cotton flannel enables you to keep warm on your bed throughout the night, especially during the winter. The fabric acts as insulator and traps heat directly on your body all night, giving you a warm sleep. Most times, cotton flannel is woven with patterns making them look more classic especially as bed sheets during the winter. The flannel is usually made from 100%.


What are the Benefits of cotton flannel?

If it ever gets so cold during the night or even during the day especially in the winter that you feel so uncomfortable with the freezing temperature, then you should consider wrapping yourself in a soft woolly cotton flannel.

Here are some of the potential benefits you may get from cotton flannel:

· The fabric of the cotton flannel rapidly adapts to your body temperature and makes your bed feels warm and comfortable.

· Cotton flannel acts as an insulator that traps and retains heat all night, giving you consistent warmth.

· Cotton flannel is made from 100% cotton which makes it moisture absorbent.

· The fabrics of Cotton flannel is soft enough to allow continuous breathing while you are sleeping. That is, cotton flannel is not suffocating.

It is thus obvious that Cotton flannel is the ideal cold-weather fabric to maintain your body homeostasis during cold autumn nights and winter days. Apart from the typical use of flannel as bed clothing, you may also wear long-sleeve flannel shirt buttoned down over a pair of jeans with gloves and socks to keep your body warm throughout the winter days.

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How to care for flannel

If the component of your cotton flannel is 100% Cotton, then it will be quite easy to take care of. However, maintaining the quality of your flannel requires some cares and attention to details. You can maintain your cotton flannel by following these steps:

· Wash your cotton flannel in the washing machine at a maximum of 60 degrees. Exceeding this limit could cause damage to the fabrics of the cotton flannel.

· Hang the cotton flannel to air-dry rather than getting it dry in a tumble dryer.

· Do not dry the cotton flannel directly under sunlight. Doing this will make the cotton flannel begin to develop wrinkles.

· Cotton flannel can be dry-cleaned rather than washing, especially when the weather is so humid that it will take long to air-dry the flannel. However, do not dry clean or iron it too often.

· A cold water wash is better than using a warm water to wash your flannel.


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