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Cotton Flannel Fabric

Cotton is the natural fiber most used by the textile industry in the world. This material is usually considered better from the environmental point of view than other synthetic materials, but the reality is that it also has important impacts. What are the most environmentally friendly fibers to make clothes?

How about the 100% Cotton Flannel Fabric?

The flannel is a soft fabric, of various types of qualities. Originally the flannels were made of wool, but now it is more frequent to see them made of cotton, or synthetic fibers. The brushing process is a mechanical process where a thin metal brushes the fabric to create fine fibers. Typically, the Cotton Flannel Fabric can be of one or two sides, if they have been brushed on both sides.

Being free of toxic waste, the Cotton Flannel Fabric is softer and more breathable. It is hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin and ideal for babies with atopic skin.

The organic Cotton Flannel Fabric is more resistant and durable, since it is not subjected to treatments with aggressive chemicals. Of course, as long as no unnatural dyes or bleaches are used

It is not only good for the health of the consumer, but also for the one that produces it, from the farmer to the person who makes it, for the inhalation of highly toxic products. Conventional cotton cultivation accounts for 3% of the world's crop. It uses, however, 10% of pesticides and 25% of insecticides in the world.

Organic cotton has recovered varieties that disappeared with industrialization. The green or brown cotton were more difficult to dye

It benefits the environment, respecting natural resources, reducing the contamination of soil, air and water. It uses techniques such as crop rotation and organic fertilizers, such as rock meal or humus.

In front of the large cotton latifundia, the cultivation of organic cotton favors small farmers, promoting a more sustainable economy

Cotton with GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard), the most restrictive certification, guarantees the social rights of workers, therefore decent working conditions

The 100% Cotton Flannel Fabric is beneficial to our environment and our health because it is cultivated and grows in fertile fields land free of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic chemical fertilizers, and is spun and produced without toxic chemicals. In addition, organic agriculture respects the cycles of the earth, trying to maintain a balance and preserve the land for future uses.

100% Cotton Flannel Fabric is much softer than ordinary cotton, allowing the skin greater ventilation and breathing. In addition, it feels good to know that by using organic cotton products you are contributing to the care of the people you love most and the planet in general.

The lack of pesticides and the use of non - GM cotton (Genetically modified) allows greater respect for natural resources and ecosystem.


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